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Application post

- All cappers are required to cap at least one movie, two TV episodes, or five music videos/movie trailers per month, but that's only a minimum and not a limit. We encourage posting more, as we want this to be an active community.
- You don't have to know anything about capping, we'd be happy to teach you, but you should have some basic knowledge of computers and LJ :)
- You must be willing to cap some things you don't watch sometimes. We always try our best to fill requests, and it's important to cap what our members want.
- If you are accepted you'll be offered a two-weeks trial. Both to see if you like capping with us and if we like you capping with us. :)
- If you're interested in capping with us, please fill out this form and post it to a new comment here. Comments are screened.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

We are not looking for new cappers.
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