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Birthday post!

And with that our birthday week is over for this year. We are working our way through the prizes and they will all be up soon. If you haven't heard from us by now, you didn't win this time around.

Over the past year we have screencapped and posted 165 music video's/trailers, 3225 episodes of tv and 258 movies. A big thank you to everyone who participated in our birthday celebration and left nice comments. We would also like to thank everyone who comments on our entries, reblogs us on tumblr and all of our awesome watchers :) You are the ones that keep us going!

the grandecaps team

I don't like to end posts on a negative note, but my Mediafire account was suspended last week. I am working on getting it all up again, but it's going to take some time. So if you notice any of my zip files being down, that's why. If you have anything you would like me to re-upload first let me know :)
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