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Poll Question - Please read

I have had a few questions over on Tumblr and here on LJ about catching up with Season 2 Person Of Interest caps. I am still capping it BUT I prefer to cap logoless downloads. Mainly so I don't have to recap after blurays come out as it is a lot of work to cap 22 episodes of TV. Also, logoless files tend to be of a much better quality than .mkv's that come down the day after the program has aired. Better quality means better caps. However, Person Of Interest logoless downloads appear very erractically and I haven't found any for the latest 4 episodes. 

I have put in a little poll here and if the majority would prefer not to wait and are happy with caps with logos then I will start capping the newest episodes with the files available.

This poll is closed.

Do you prefer to wait for logoless caps?

I prefer logoless caps and don't mind the wait.
I need my new caps NOW. I don't mind the logos.
I don't care.
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