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Requests Closed Through December + Shows Moving

Hi everyone,

Few updates as we crash into December here -

Recently we noticed that our Currently Airing shows gallery (thetvshows) was getting a bit full. In order to help with space and volumne of files we have started to move ended shows to the ended shows gallery (kissthemgoodbye) So if you notice any dead gallery links for ended shows, please check this gallery before freaking out about where the specific show you are looking for went. It can take us a few days to get all the links changed over to the new ones. But if you notice it's not happening - please don't hesitate dropping a comment and nicely reminding us. As we barrel into the holiday season it is quite possible that it got forgotten in the crazy!

Because of this and at the request of some of our new members, requests will remain closed through December. But we are fully planning on opening them back up in Janurary!

- the grande-caps/kissthemgoodbye team
Tags: !mod

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