October 22nd, 2013

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Galleries update

We've added three new galleries to the site:

- Comedy - for all 30 minute sitcoms/comedies
- Crime - for all crime procedures and mysteries
- Scifi/Fantasy M-Z - Splitting the old Scifi/Fantasy gallery in two.

We have also renamed the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice into Shondaland, and it will now be for all things Shonda Rhimes. Scandal has been moved there.

They are all pretty big galleries that require a lot of moving of caps, so please be patient with while we work as not everything will be in it's right place at once. Hopefully they will all help with the slowness in the galleries, and make everything run smother.

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Witches of East End: 1.03 Today I Am A Witch

Witches of East End: 1.03 - Today I Am A Witch
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