February 25th, 2013

x-files : elvis presley dead at 42

30 Rock Season 2 Deleted Scenes + Live at the UCB Theatre

30 Rock Season 2 Deleted Scenes + Live at the UCB Theatre
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Live at the UCB Theatre • 295 caps • GalleryDownload

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TV: Arrow 3


Hi guys,

just a little heads up for everyone.

I am moving house this week and as such I will have no broadband access for around 10-14 days until the new line is active! Ach! (although I am super excited about my move!!)

So that means I will not be able to download, cap or upload anything for this period. Just wanted to let you know so the guys here don't get a flood of "where are this weeks caps for 'xxx?'"

I will catch up as soon as I am back online.

For everyones reference, I cap the following shows weekly:-

Beauty & The Beast
Chicago Fire
Person Of Interest
The New Normal
The Following
Walking Dead