January 26th, 2012

GoT - Sansa - Queen

Official opening!

All the galleries are now up and running! :D They don't have that much content yet, but give us some time to re-upload and to start again with our old shows ^^

TV (a-l) - http://grande-caps.net/gallery/
TV (m-z) - http://tv.grande-caps.net/gallery/
Period Drama - http://period.grande-caps.net/gallery/
Scif/Fantasy - http://scifi.grande-caps.net/gallery/
Animation - http://animation.grande-caps.net/gallery/
Movies - http://movies.grande-caps.net/gallery/
Music Videos/Trailers - http://music.grande-caps.net/gallery/
Supernatural - http://supernatural.grande-caps.net/gallery/

The links in the sidebar has also been updated. A big thank you to everyone who offered up zip files so far, we really appreciate them :) So come, join us in celebrations on this official opening day :)