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updated 3/12/2017

What is grande_caps?
Grande caps is a screencaps resource community. We strive to provide high-quality caps of your favorite TV shows, movies, music videos, and movie trailers. We have a tumblr and a twitter if you'd like to follow us there. In August 2014 grande_caps officially merged with kissthemgoodbye.net!If you would like you can also follow their tumblr. (all screencaps are cross posted)

Are there any rules?
We don't have many rules. We simply ask that you make sure you comment (to thank a capper for his/her efforts) and credit (grande_caps and/or a specific capper) for the caps you're snagging. You can also find our rules listed in the userinfo.

Is this a cross-posting community? Can I post my own caps here?
No, this is not a cross-posting community. You can't post your own caps here unless you are a capper here. The current list of grande_caps cappers can be found in the userinfo.

Can you tell me how you cap? Can you give me a step-by-step guide to capping? What programs do you use to cap?
Most of us use VLC or KMPlayer to cap, but past that, no, we're not going to teach you how we cap. It's easy enough to search through Google to find some helpful guides on your own.

Do you cap fanvids/webshows?
No. We do however cap a select number of webseries, for example Carmilla, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries & The Hunting Season

Can I request caps?
Yes, you can do that here. Please read the guidelines there :) You can see what's already been requested here.

Why can't I access the request post?
You have to be a member of grande_capsto see the request post. Requesting is something we offer to our members only.

I know you post caps of [insert currently airing show here] weekly. When will the most recent caps of this show be posted?
Please remember that we do everything at grande_caps around our own lives, school, work, and other obligations. We definitely do our best to post caps of currently airing shows as quickly as we can, so asking, "Are they up yet? How about now? Now? Now???" is going to be the very last thing in the world that will get us to post caps faster. It's just annoying and rude. Be patient. And with the latest downloading events (MU closing and other sites taking links down), it's more difficult to find good quality files, and that might slow us down.

Can I cap with grande_caps? Are you looking for new cappers?
We have an application post here. It will say if we're actively looking for new cappers. You can still try when we're not open to new cappers, you might impress us. But we might just save your application to the next time we're actively looking. There will be a new post to grande_caps when we're looking for new cappers.

Can I use caps from grande_caps to make fanart/icons/graphics/etc.?
Yes, but please remember to credit grande_caps and/or the capper who posted the caps.

Can I add your caps for a certain movie/show to the gallery for my corresponding movie/show fansite?

The download link for a certain zip file has expired. What do I do?
First, leave a comment at the respective entry, politely letting the capper know that the download link/zip file has expired, and wait patiently for a reply. If, after a week, you do not get a response, please post a reply to this entry. Include the URL to the entry with the expired download link/zip file, and include a link to the comment you left at that entry a week ago. Please bear in mind that after our hosting crisis in the summer of 2014 many zip files were lost forever and cannot be reuploaded.

Does grande_caps accept affiliates?
No, sorry.

This site looks a lot like the old rawr_caps, why is that?
grande_caps was started by some of the cappers from rawr_caps. When it closed down we decided to move here :)

I have a question not answered here. What now?
If you're absolutely sure you've looked through this entire FAQ post, then go ahead and reply to this entry with your question. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. :)
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