where are the scottish people? (lastsongs) wrote in grande_caps,
where are the scottish people?

Our Tumblr has vanished!

Just a quick note to let you guys know that we recently noticed our tumblr has vanished. None of us know why this would have happened and we are on the case messaging tumblr. Hopefully it will be back and we can go on as normal.

In the meantime please follow hd-screencaps, kissthemgoodbye's tumblr where you can find the latest caps.

Please note all galleries are still up and running, it's just tumblr that's down.

We have a new tumblr! Be sure to follow grande-caps on tumblr for all of our caps and hd-screencaps in one place.

Please note that all messages from our old tumblr have obviously been deleted, feel free to re-request!
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