where are the scottish people? (lastsongs) wrote in grande_caps,
where are the scottish people?

Merging with kissthemgoodbye

With all the recent issues we've had with hosting the lovely girls over at kissthemgoodbye.net have agreed to let us merge sites with them. This means that our caps will now be posted under their galleries. For ease will still be posting updates our updates here and on the grandecaps tumblr (and reblogging their caps so you guys are aware when they are up) but I have applied for our hosting to be cancelled so our galleries will no longer be available. Some of our cappers haven't moved over however so some of our caps may not be uploaded right away unless someone claims them but the kissthemgoodbye cappers cap some shows that we didn't have so be sure to follow both our tumblr and kissthemgoodbye's for our updates.

Please once again be patient as we obviously have to move things over but their galleries have some of the shows that we capped already full so be sure to check them out. Requests will be dealt with when we are more settled.
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